mobileGRIB 1.4

Posted by on Sep 14, 2011 in changelog | 7 comments

  • re-engineered fetch data dialog
  • massive speed improvement of GRIB creation on server
  • fixed sound muting on exit
  • fixed grib reload on same area
  • added numerical data
  • remember position on exit
  • changed coordinates to nautical values
  • smaller corrections


  1. Hello
    Thank you for your product which is a very good and efficient application.
    I have made a video demo on youtube in French for the forum population.

    I bought it few weeks ago and I have only one question:
    Do you think it’s possible to read the GRB file on the soft as Zygrib after transfert on a computer. I try to do that at home but I have a error message from Zygrib.

    Long life to mobileGRIB

    • Unfortunatly, the application doesn’t work now. Is there some problèms with server? Impossible to download the grib. If I want to reinstall the soft,it ask me to pay a second time.
      How can I do.
      Thank you for your help

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