mobileGRIB 1.4 released!

Posted by on Sep 14, 2011 in news & updates | 34 comments

Good things come to those who wait. Guinness. :)

That’s what we needed a lot of before getting this version running.

Thanks for having been so patient!

A lot of bugs and difficulties had to be overcome in order to be able to select GRIB parameters, resolution, interval, forecast days before downloading the GRIB file. Plus you can choose the 2.5° resolution, especially convenient for large areas like oceans, where a 1° or higher resolution is not needed anyways.

Now we’re there, and you will be able to optimize even more your data transfers. And for all of you who need more than 8 days forecast: soon NOAA’s 16 day GRIB forecast will be available for download. It’s just a matter of time.

Nevertheless, rethinking the fetch data dialog, and finding so many bugs and difficulties, was an opportunity to massively improve the GRIB creation on our servers. You’ll be amazed about the speed the GRIB’s are pushed back to your device!

Further on, another important feature that was missing is the remember zoom level and position on exit. Finally you can re-open mobileGRIB and find yourself where you were during exiting.

Last but not least the so requested numerical data is now present in the lower bar. Unfortunately there is still a structural issue to overcome in order to be able to display combined numerical data for all of the GRIB parameters you selected for download. Also here, just a matter of time. And by the way, once this is overcome, nothing stands in between combined visual data as well. So for all of you who need those wind arrows on top of the isobars, good news are coming!

For further features and fixes, see the change log.

Enjoy version 1.4!

upcoming features for version 1.5:

  • L and H signs for pressure
  • Isotherms
  • Waves
  • Windmap
  • Combined numerical data
  • Weather Animation
  • 16 days forecast


  1. When will mobileGRIB support the RTOFS Atlantic Current Model?

    • Soon. :)

  2. it would be nice to have long tap to display the numerical values ​​of weather parameters available for a point

    • Hi Rob,

      numerical value for the cross is actually in implementation. You will then be able to see all grib parameters, in numerical format, in the lower bar. Hope to be able to include it in 1.5. Regards, kubante

  3. Hi guys,

    Great application that I recently used during a sailing cruise from Marseille to Menorca (and return). The files downloaded are not too big and it’s important when you’re abroad.

    What really missed me it’s the Waves.
    (yes there is waves in the Mediterranean sea ;)

    I look forward to receiving new upgrade.

    ölivier (France)

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