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Posted by on Jul 29, 2011 in news & updates | 3 comments

After various feedbacks and requests about offline maps we would like to inform you, that an offline capability is already present in mobileGRIB!

Just download the tiles of interest from a home or office wifi and this area will stay on your device for offline use. This is why we recommend our users to browse through the desired area and zoom level before going offline, in order to always have the map tiles cached for offline use.

Nevertheless, one of the next versions will include the ability to manually download desired areas as Europe, Americas, or oceans and countries.


  1. hello

    I bougth Mobile Grib to use on an Archos tablet. I enjoyed it but only for a few days as now it is impossible to fetch new data. The popup “building GRIB on server” appears but after a few seconds it comes back to the “Grib parameters” popup and no data has been loaded… this whatever zone and resolution are selected. I guess the NOA server response is too long. How to fix this bug?

    Thanks in advance


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