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  1. Excellent program. I use it regularly.

    One additional feature which would be real useful would be something similar to the Meteogram in Ugrib.

    Would also be good if the size of the wind arrows could be increased when zooming to make it easier to see.


    • Hi Hans, Thanks for Your comment. We are working on that. Mobilegrib is an ongoing project that will still get tons of features. We are on vacation at the moment and will be back with 1.3 around mid of june, after an extensive field test offshoare. Glad you like it! The noaa data is very accurate from our tests until now.. mast und schotbruch aus elba, kubante

  2. Excellent app. Used it this weekend on sailing trip.

  3. Nice app I like it, reduced to what I need.
    I would buy it if it has an weather animation.
    Thats definitly missing
    Regards Uwe

    • Hi Uwe,

      thanks for your feedback.

      the weather animation is planned for version 1.5.
      If you want to be informed about the release, feel free to subscribe to our rss feed.

      Kind regards,


  4. Nice app that I use regularly now that earlier bugs have been fixed. I would like though that day and time of the individual forecasts appeared on the screen (ie eg on the line that indicates the pos (lat / long). Such an improvement would greatly facilitate the use of the app when ‘schrolling’ using the vol button.

    • fair enough! seems a great input. will note that for the next release.

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